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The season consumers broke spending limits is around the corner. This year will be exceptional, thanks to cashless economy already in full swing in Nigeria’s economic nerve centre of Lagos. It is also the season manufacturers and retailers activate series of sales promotions to lure consumers. Interestingly, it often comes with price slash or bonus products.

For sales and marketing managers targeting year-end sales rush, early rollout of sales promo on media such as transit advertisement would do the required magic. Since it is also the period we witness increased vehicular traffics, transit media standout as the most effective and suitable form of OOH media during this period.

Buses and taxis go where people go at this time and always find a crowd of people buying or shopping. If handled by professionals with excellent planning, your message would attract attention; engage minds, trigger emotion, and influence what people think about your brands and in-turn stimulate action. It is a known fact that consumers and would be consumers are always on the lookout for yearend sales promo to buy at discounted prices.

DU opensource is not left out; we are taking a step further to delight old and new advertisers with ‘Rock Bottom Prices’ this season. Promo runs from Sept – Dec. Call NOW!


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