Introducing – Bus Seat Advertising

Bus Seat Advertising is 2X1ft portrait advertisement placed on the back seat of passenger bus. Strategically located in front of a passenger, your ads speak directly to passengers with long and undivided attention. Bus seat advertising delivers your message directly to strategic audience in an atmosphere of comfort devoid of distraction. With Bus Seats Advertising brands gain a convincing mindshare with unadulterated ad displays at eye-level. It is a perfect campaign-support that extends your brand’s visibility and buzz to more areas.

With an average 5 minutes between bus stops or 40 minutes or more for full trip (Mile 12 – CMS), brands has undivided attention of passengers to connect and engage them with messages before alighting the bus. Bus seat advertising can also serve as complimentary ads to external bus branding with the aim of reaching both commuters and passengers simultaneously. Longer reach and longer viewing time means longer mileage for your advertising spend.



Daily Average Traffic Volume: 70 Passengers, seating and standing combined/8 Round Trips/10 Buses

5,600 peak.

Format/Layout: Compact Portrait

Possition: Back-seat


OTS (Opportunity To See)

Frequency: Repetitive exposure over 8 round/return trips for OTS impact

Reach: Target maximum number of passengers onboard

Proximity: 280mm

[list style=”check”]

  • Less maintenance, maximum exposure, guaranteed ROI
  • Direct & uninterrupted view
  • Distinct, delivers more impact, leaves lasting impression
  • Affordable and cost effective medium for low budget advertisers
  • Safe display material through–out campaign period, no additional printing cost for extended ad.
  • 7% discounts for order above 10 buses
  • Free mock design and creative advice
  • High quality print materials (SAV), easy to replace.
  • Monthly coded pictures of buses
  • Campaign delivered to specification
  • Compensation for non exposed days
  • 1 week free exposure at expiration
  • Suitable for product for launch, promotions and change of product name
  • Excellent after sales customer service

Less maintenance, maximum exposure, guaranteed ROI


Service currently available in Lagos only, more locations coming soon!

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